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What you need to know to build a house with EPS modules

EPS module, as a new type of building material, has excellent heat insulation performance and has become a preferred building material for modern energy-saving buildings. The EPS module builds a house, because of its fast construction speed, application ...



The EPS module builds a cold storage to save you home!

All types of cold storage in China, regardless of size or function, were built according to the model of civil engineering in the past. This kind of cold storage has high energy consumption, poor thermal insulation, difficult temperature control, and strength ...

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EPS building energy saving module

EPS module concrete shear wall structure energy-saving building wall adopts EPS cavity module through block-type staggered joint to form cavity module wall, which is equipped with steel bars and concrete ...



Build a house with EPS modules, warm in winter and cool in summer!

Houses constructed with EPS modules have good internal and external thermal insulation effects to achieve warm winters and cool summers. In winter, when there is no heating equipment at -10 ℃ outdoors, as long as it is in the house ...

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EPS module to build a house like this, no longer afraid of cold winter and hot summer

There are often some friends from the northern region asking, asking them how to build a suitable house there? Because the first consideration of the house in the north is how to keep warm and warm in winter. This is why people in the south do not live in the north ...